Welcome! I’m Abdul Munim, a seasoned Adobe stack expert and an technical architect residing in Düsseldorf, Germany. While my weekends might not involve perfecting my swing on the golf course like my father (although the idea is tempting!), my passion for coding has kept me glued to the keyboard since 1997.

A Career Steeped in AEM Link to heading

My journey in the tech world began over two decades ago. Over the years, I’ve developed a deep understanding of AEM, both from a development and architectural standpoint. My experience spans across large-scale deployments, where I’ve successfully delivered more than 20 AEM projects.

Hands-On Approach: From Problem-solving to DevOps Link to heading

I believe in a hands-on approach to everything I do. Whether it’s tackling a complex technical challenge or streamlining workflows, I thrive in getting down to the nitty-gritty. This philosophy extends to my expertise in DevOps practices, where I find joy in automating processes and building efficient pipelines.

Beyond AEM: Docker, Cloud, and Microservices Link to heading

My skillset doesn’t stop at AEM. I’m an expert in Docker containerization, which allows me to build, package, and deploy applications with ease. Additionally, I’m fluent in navigating both Azure and AWS cloud platforms, giving me the flexibility to choose the best environment for any project.

Furthermore, I bring valuable experience in designing microservices architectures. This approach allows me to break down complex systems into smaller, independent services, making them easier to maintain, scale, and update.

Sharing Knowledge and Building Together Link to heading

This website is a testament to my desire to share my knowledge and experience in the ever-evolving world of technology. Here, you’ll find insights on AEM development best practices, DevOps methodologies, and the latest advancements in cloud technologies.

Whether you’re looking for an AEM specialist, a DevOps enthusiast, or simply someone with a passion for building innovative solutions, I invite you to reach out. Let’s connect and discuss how we can collaborate on your next project!